St Helier’s volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew assist disabled fishing boat.


St Helier George Sullivan lifeboat towing charter fishing boat (Credit RNLI Jersey)

Date: 20/02/2012

Author: Anna Messervy-Evans, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Earlier this afternoon, (Sunday 19 February), St Helier volunteer lifeboat crew responded to a charter fishing boat that ran into discarded nets several miles southwest of La Corbière lighthouse.

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The charter fishing boat with 8 people on board, was returning from a pleasure fishing trip when it ran over fishing nets that became caught around its propellors.

Jersey Coastguard alerted the RNLI’s St Helier station at 4.24pm and the St Helier RNLI all-weather lifeboat the George Sullivan launched just after 4.30pm.

Volunteer RNLI crew members were quickly on scene south west of La Corbière lighthouse. At the scene it was discovered that the nets, the origin of which is unknown and which have been drifting around, were completely wrapped around the fishing boat’s two propellors. Although a little cold, the passengers were well.

The RNLI’s George Sullivan safely towed the vessel back to St Helier harbour.

St Helier Lifeboat Operations Manager Bill Harris said

‘This was really a case of bad luck for the fishing boat, there was nothing the skipper could have done to foresee this happening.’

The whole rescue took one hour and 45 minutes and the lifeboat was refueled and ready for service again by 6.15pm.

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