Barry Dock lifeboat called to ship fire


Date: 11/02/2012

Author: Barry Dock lifeboat called to ship fire, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

The volunteer crew of the RNLI’s Barry Dock lifeboat were called into action at 6.40pm on Friday 11 February to a ship with an engine room fire.

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The Barry Dock lifeboat, Portishead lifeboat and SARA lifeboats were launched to a coaster which had an engine room fire. Whilst the coaster crew were dealing with the fire, they lost an anchor and had to deploy its reserve anchor.

The 11 crew on board were successful in putting out the fire with the engine room fire suppressors and other equipment.

The coaster was due to sail into Avonmouth and had lost all power. The Barry Dock lifeboat crew stood by the stricken coaster and was able to coordinate the other rescue craft until tugs were on the scene to tow the coaster into the Avonmouth dock.

There were no reported injuries and all lifeboats returned to their ports.

Coxswain Hugh ‘Spud’ Davies said: ‘This could have been a major incident if the fire had not been extinguished. The sea conditions were flat calm but very cold.’

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