Baltimore RNLI prepare to welcome Tamar class lifeboat Alan Massey to its new home


Baltimore RNLI’s new Tamar lifeboat Alan Massey getting ready to leave Poole for home (Credit RNLI/Shane Smyth)

Date: 13/02/2012

Author: Niamh Stephenson, Divisional Media Relations Manager

Event: Arrival of Baltimore RNLI’s new Tamar class lifeboat

Date & time: Wednesday 15 February 2012 at 2.15pm (Spectators should be in place before this time)

Venue: Baltimore harbour, Baltimore, West Cork

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This Wednesday (15 February 2012) the West Cork community of Baltimore will welcome a new visitor to its shores. The RNLI will deliver a new €3 million Tamar class lifeboat to replace the existing Tyne lifeboat Hilda Jarrett, which has served the station since 1988. The new lifeboat is expected to arrive into the harbour at 2.15pm after leaving RNLI Headquarters in Poole late last week and has members of Baltimore volunteer lifeboat crew onboard including well known Baltimore RNLI Coxswain Keiron Cotter.

The new lifeboat, which is named Alan Massey (ON 1302) was largely funded through a legacy from Mrs Dorothy May Massey from Watford in England, and has been named in memory of her late brother Alan.

The new Tamar class lifeboat is 16.3 metres in length with a maximum speed of 25 knots compared to the 14.3 metres of Baltimore RNLI’s current Tyne class lifeboat which has a maximum speed of 18 knots. The lifeboat is self-righting and is fitted with an integrated electronics systems and information management system, which allows the lifeboat crew to monitor, operate and control many of the boats systems from shock mitigating seats.

The Tamar also carries a Y boat (an inflatable daughter boat) which is housed under the aft deck and deployed from a hinged door in the transom. The lifeboat has room for 44 survivors.

The new Tamar lifeboat is not expected to be put on service until March and the next month will see all volunteer lifeboat crew perfect their training onboard the new vessel. The Hilda Jarrett lifeboat will then be put into the relief fleet to be used as needed.

All are welcome to come and see the Alan Massey Tamar lifeboat arriving into the harbour on Wednesday afternoon. Local schoolchildren, RNLI lifeboat crews and fundraisers past and present along with local residents are expected to line the harbour.

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