Man rescued by Lowestoft RNLI lifeboat

Lowestoft Bridge

Lowestoft Bridge

Date: 26/11/2011

Author: Mike Richford , Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

A man was rescued by the volunteer crew of Lowestoft RNLI lifeboat after he jumped into the town’s harbour bridge channel in the early hours of Tuesday 25 October.

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The alarm was raised by the harbour bridge operator, when he saw the person go into the water on the Lake Lothing side of the bridge.

John Fox, Coxswain at RNLI Lowestoft said: “The bridge was raised for us and we found the man trying to hold onto the steel pilings at the side of the bridge channel. It was dark, raining and blowing a near gale causing a swell, and making it difficult for him to hold on.

“There was no time for a crew member to don a dry suit. Instead, deputy second coxswain Karl Jackson entered the water from the lifeboat wearing his RNLI Musto yellow protective clothing, and relying on his lifejacket to keep him safe.

“Karl got to the man who eventually released his tight grip on the pilings. Supporting him, they were hauled by the heaving line back to the lifeboat where the other crew helped them onto the Tyne offshore lifeboat.

“It was a very short trip back to the lifeboat pontoon, and the rescue was completed in minutes. The casualty – who had hyperthermia – was taken to hospital by ambulance.”

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