Salcombe RNLI tow fishing vessel to safety


SE67 under tow (Credit RNLI)

Date: 23/09/2011

Author: Daniel Ashton, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

On 23rd September 2011 at 7.32 AM, the Salcombe All Weather lifeboat,Baltic Exchange III launched with 5 volunteer crew on board. She was tasked by Brixham Coast Guard to locate the broken down fishing vessel SE67.

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Initial VHF communications from the Coast Guard confirmed the vessel to be drifting approximately 2 nautical miles South of Prawle Point. Arriving on scene at 8.05 AM the sea conditions were calm, with light winds and good visibility.

Volunteer RNLI crew members James Cooper, Robert Park and Andrew Wheeler took to the lifeboat aft deck, preparing and establishing a towline, while coxswain Chris Winzar manoeuvred the lifeboat.

The small, commercial fishing vessel was towed back to Salcombe harbour and put alongside the Salcombe Fish Quay.

The Salcombe lifeboat returned to station. The crew refuelled the lifeboat and prepared her for service. The incident came to a close at 9.05 AM

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