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At 17.39hr on Sunday 28th August 2011, as the crew were preparing for their annual Lifeboat Fete Fundraising Day, Humber Coastguard informed the Seahouses Lifeboat Operations Manager that the 19ft yacht “Puddle Duck” was aground in Newton Bay on rocks. The tide was falling and Craster shore based Coastguard Rescue Officers had attended the scene, to assess the situation, and confirm the crew had reached the shore safely in their yacht tender. The yacht was expected to soon be high and dry. After discussion with Seahouses Lifeboat Coxswain, and assessing the tidal information, it was agreed to launch Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat at midnight, and attempt to tow the yacht clear. In the meanwhile, Craster Coastguard Rescue Officers had attended at low tide, and carried out a brief inspection of the vessel, which had some hull damage. With the consent of the yacht owner, it was agreed for the lifeboat to attempt to tow the yacht off once it began to float on the tide.

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By 02.00hr, the Seahouses Lifeboat, assisted by Craster Inshore Lifeboat, had succeeded in pulling the yacht clear of the rocks, and had it in tow, with a casualty drogue attached to keep the yacht steady for the tow, and a member of Craster Lifeboat, Crewman Keith Williams, aboard. Once safely underway to Seahouses, Craster Lifeboat returned to station. Seahouses Lifeboat arrived with the yacht at 03.15hr that morning, after an uncomfortable passage in very choppy sea conditions. Once the yacht was safely moored in the harbour, pending an inspection in daylight, the Seahouses Lifeboat returned to station, and Craster Coastguards conveyed Crewman Keith Williams back to Craster.

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